September 10, 2005 5:34 pm

I Sort Of Feel Brain Dead.

:note: Fear Factory – “Slave Labor”

We’re all moved in! I have pictures, but once again I idiotically left the camera and the cable in the new apartment. As you recall, my computer is still at the old apt because there’s the internet there. The apartment is horrifically messy and we’re slowly organizing everything and finding a place for stuff to go, but it’s coming along. We bought a couch for $16.25 at a thrift store, so that makes it look a lot more homey than if we didn’t have a couch.

I’m currently sitting on a pillow on my floor, with my monitor on a plastic crate. I feel very lame. However, I ♥ the Internet muchly, and I need it for my schoolwork. Please note that my posting will be really sporadic between yesterday and next Tuesday or so.

I’m trying to find a site that’s sorta crappy, works but isn’t very visually appealing, and is relatively small (5-10 pages max). I found Kid Wizard to be exactly what I’m looking for, except for the relatively small thing, as it is about five hundred million pages. Seriously, look at the site map. So that’s out. Ooh, I’ve just found this Astronomy For Kids page that fits the criteria… I may have to use it. This is for my design class, obviously. We have to re-do a entire site this time and write an analysis on why we think it needed a redesign in the first place and how we helped.

My keybordis freaking ou and wn’t type most ofth ltter I try totype. I”V HAD TO eavily edit this entire pst to ge it to look smewhat normal. This s what it looks likeif I dot edit it. Stupid keyboard.

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