September 9, 2005 12:43 am

Moving Day!

:note: The Arcade Fire – “In The Backseat”

Today is our moving day! We confirmed the pickup with the movers such as this White Glove Moving Service and they will be here around 10am. We’ll get all the big stuff moved (beds, computer desks, dresser, etc) and then whatever we have already in boxes.

Here’s a funny story: We’re moving most of our stuff right before finals week (ie, tomorrow). I will need my computer and the internet intact somewhere so I can finish my projects on time. We’ve set up an appointment to have our cable internet installed (:excite:) on my computer on the 13th. This means that I will have to keep my computer here (without a desk) so that I can have the internet over the weekend, get up early on Tuesday (remember, I leave for class at 8:30am) and physically walk the parts of my computer down to the new apartment and set it up, because the cable is getting installed on my computer first. ALL DIRECTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF FINALS WEEK. Meaning, I have to trust (and hope and pray) that everything will go okay on the 13th, otherwise, I don’t have the internet to do my assignments. I suppose I could lug my computer back up the street and re-hook it up, but that’s a lot of trouble. Gah. I also suppose I could truck my computer down there late Monday night and set it up… That might be a better idea. But still, it’s all resting on the cable installment.

As far as actual stuff goes, we’ve brought a bunch of it down there already, but it’s mostly weird knicknacks and things like photo albums and CDs that we can’t put anywhere because we don’t have the bookcases down there yet. Kind of weird, but meh, it works. It should save us some time today. I hope.

So anyway, it’ll probably be our first night staying in the new apartment (I’m going to consider myself moved in, even though my computer will still be all lonely at the old place) which is neat. I’ll check with the senior moving company every so often for updates, and in the meantime maybe I’ll make cupcakes or something. :D I have a cupcake pan somewhere in this mess…

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