September 6, 2005 11:54 am

Rant: The Annoying Lady In Class

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Excuse me, I need to rant a bit.

There’s a lady in my HMCIII class who always tries to make everything be about her. The teacher will mention Chicago and she’ll butt in with, “*GASP* I lived in Chicago! I had a boyfriend who… blah blah blah…” Or once, he mentioned the governor of Wisconsin, and she burst out with a story about the grandparents of a close friend and insisted they invented LSD at the University of Wisconsin.
I mean, sure, maybe that’s true. Are you so self-important that you feel the class needs to know this about you? Or how about the time we were discussing De Stijl and you told us you used to dye your hair a different color every week, but you were a natural blonde and they were just vegetable dyes so it didn’t damage your hair? Does that really have any bearing on what we were supposed to be learning, or did you just want the attention?

Part of the reason she’s so obnoxious is because she’s probably in her mid-forties, and you therefore can’t really attribute her attitude toward being an idiot freshman who just wants to be looked at. I’m actually very curious as to what she thinks she’s accomplishing by sharing these things. Recently, the teacher has started just listening to her go on, and afterwards, just nods and says, “Okay.” and continues class in its normal fashion.

Gah. :grumbly: Off to work now, and then Daniel and I are going to try to find some curtain rods for the bedroom doors.

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  • Jennifer says:

    Wow. That woman really sounds like an attention seeker. On one hand, I’d be tempted to butt in with, “You know, I’m sure that’s all very fascinating to YOU, but the rest of us could really care less…”, but that seems really rude, and I don’t know if I could embarass her like that.
    Eh, take her aside privately?

    Maybe she feels that because she’s older she needs to impress the youngin’s?

  • Meggan says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely not one for making a scene over it – I’ve considered leaving an anonymous note on her desk during break or something… It could be worse; I forget she exists until I’m sitting in class and it happens again.

    I dunno, it’s just so difficult because she’s older than most everybody, so I feel a sense of “respect your elders,” yet I can’t stand how she hijacks the class for her insipid stories. Gah.

    Next week is the very last week of class with her, thank god.

  • Totally not appropriate in class.

    In blog comments fine, class no.

    I do tend in comments to talk about experiance I have had that relate in some way, even tiny, to the story the blogger has told, I guess to share why I identify in some way or to try to make my comment more interesting then just, hey way to go. Though sometimes nothing comes to mind and I just say, hey way to go!

    Or hoots. Hoots is always a good fallback. hah

    I cant wait to see more pics of the place lady, i wanna see!!!!

  • Meggan says:

    Oh, totally. In comments, I welcome it. I leave comments like that all the time. It makes things interesting.

    In class though, it’s just… not worth my time? I don’t know.

    And I’ll try to get more pictures of the apt soon, now that we have a bit of stuff in there. I think we’re officially trying to move this Friday, so we’ll see.