September 3, 2005 10:16 pm

Just A Quick Note

:note: nothing…

Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys! Awesome!

The ocean was really fun today. Daniel got totally burnt on his back, but I don’t think I got burnt at all. And just to quell any fears, no sharks were in sight, and I didn’t even go in the water. :D We played in the sand and had lots of fun. I have photos, but um, the battery in my camera died and I have to recharge it before I can hook it up to my computer. :lookup:

We stopped in at the Tillamook Cheese Factory on the way down because Callie and Daniel hadn’t ever been there. Paul’s been there once a long time ago, and I’ve been there twice. I love that place. We did the little tour thing and got the samples of cheese and bought fudge and ate ice cream. It was great. Then we went to Dairy Queen for lunch. :roll:

We made a pit-stop at Target on the way home and got TONS of stuff for the new apt, like a garbage can for the kitchen and a broom and some dish towels. Nothing terribly exciting. Callie and Paul bought us this awesomely great clock that has a neon blue light around it. It’s very hip, I like it a lot.

That’s all for now, I’m so hungry I feel like I’m going into a coma – fortunately, Daniel’s making some macaroni and cheese with shell noodles down in the basement. It’s going to be so awesome to make food without having to go down two flights of stairs with EVERYTHING you need all at once. :)

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  • Sounds like a very lovely day. Im glad for no sharks. And house shopping can be so much fun.

    I am still all excited for you guys. And I am looking forward to seeing LOTS of pics.