September 2, 2005 4:35 pm

Adventures in Apartment Land

:note: the neighbor’s Steppenwolf – “Magic Carpet Ride” playing very loudly

We have KEYS! And a lease! And a new full-size wood framed futon from a thrift store for $65! :excite:

The “move in day” was a fiasco. As of Thursday morning, the lady still hadn’t gotten ahold of me, so I called again and the receptionist picked up and transferred me to her voicemail. The voicemail said something like, “VOICEMAILBOX IS ALREADY FULL. GOODBYE.” and hung up on me. So I called back and told the receptionist that the voicemail thingy was full. She was like, “FULL?!? Oh my, I’m sure she doesn’t know that. I’ll… I’ll take a message for you instead.”

Five minutes later, the lady called back and we set the meeting time for noon, which was only an hour away by that point. She didn’t end up showing up until 12:30 since she got almost all the way here and realized she left our file at the office. :sarc: So we signed leases and then she realized that the new keys didn’t work in the door – she ended up having to go back to the locksmith and have them re-key the doors and she dropped the new keys off at our place at about 5pm. Crazy stuff.

So. The place is ours! Daniel already called about transferring the electric bill so it’s in our name, and like I said, we bought a bed today. It was in good condition, fluffy and comfortable, and only $65. No more sleeping on a twin-sized bed! Woo!

No photos yet; I’m an idiot and brought my camera with me today and then totally forgot to take any photos. I’ll probably go back in a bit and then post photos later today. But hurray! New apartment ahoy!

[edit: 5:45pm]

Photos! :camera:

The little French doors I talked about. När passar Gammaldags fönster med spröjs, fönster i gammal stil?

glass doors

The kitchen. I don’t know why the outside world looks so blue. We don’t live underwater or anything.


Bathroom. I like the wood on the mirrors. The countertop is pretty low, but I like it like that. If people want to spruce it up, they can try wood countertops. Also, you can see our spiffy showerhead in the reflection of the mirror. It’s one of those detachable move-around ones.



The built-in bookshelves over the radiator/heater thing. I like them.


The entryway – the door is on the left, the bathroom in front (obviously) and the closet to the right. My computer will probably go on the same wall the closet is on.


The living room. Note the fantastic purpley-red wall.


Aaaaand, the new bed!

new bed

Yay! :chubbysmile:

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  • SO AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Oh and be careful, Nick and I broke a futon when we were dating. That was a pretty good night hehehehehehee.

    Im so so sooooooooo sooo happy for you and you have to email me your new addy for your housewarming gift.

    You guys are going to be so happy, I can just picture you padding around barefoot in your kitchen in your pjs getting juice while your boy frys bacon for ya, naked. HAH

  • zombieflyboy says:

    It looks great, and like the Rabbit, I’m happy for you. I think your French doors are pretty nifty.

    Have fun in your new place. Here’s to making many, many, happy memories there.

  • Trinity says:

    That’s a pretty spiffy apartment!

    You definitely need to get him frying bacon for you in the nude ;)

  • Meggan says:

    :lol: He says nothing with oil if he’s nude.