August 31, 2005 10:42 pm

Fifties Design Part Two

:note: Opeth – “The Drapery Falls”

Chris took one look at my design (the 50’s one) and was like, “I love it. It’s great.” :highfive: I did tone it down a bit from the mockup that I posted, but overall it’s basically the same. I told him I was unsure if it was even appropriate for a school district, and he shrugged and said, “But it’s interesting. You wouldn’t expect a school district site to look like this, but this one does, and it totally works. You’re doing what everyone else in the class should be doing – you’re experimenting, trying new things, being creative.” :chubbysmile:

I also had a few problems with the HTML buildout, but that was only due to my complete inability to slice images properly. I had guides up and I was using the marquee tool, but it would decide randomly if it wanted to snap to the guide or just over the guide, which made it difficult to accurately select just the pixels I intended to select. It’s fixable, but time consuming. Consequently, there are a few pixels missing from the insides of two of the corners of the main blue rectangley shape. :blah: Oh well. He said I mentioned everything he was going to tell me to improve on, so I obviously knew where I went wrong.

Do you see why I love Chris’ classes? He’s not afraid to tell you something sucks, but he’s also quick to praise you if something goes really well. He’s honest – if it sucks, it sucks, and he’ll tell you so, but he’ll also tell you how to fix it. Even though this class is kind of hard, it’s probably my favorite this term.

Speaking of that, I had a horrible time trying to get my PHP stuff working the other day. I sat down to work on my final project and ended up with three or four different versions of the same “edit” page, none of which actually do anything. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong or how I can fix it. All I know is that it doesn’t work. I hate that.

The apartment lady hasn’t gotten ahold of us yet. :worried: I assumed she was going to call Monday to set up a time to meet to sign leases and get keys and stuff, since our “move in date” is tomorrow. I called her this morning and left a message on her voicemail trying to confirm if we were, in fact, going to meet tomorrow. She never called me back, so I’m hoping she at least got the message. Daniel goes in to work early and will be done by 3pm, but I have my internship at 2pm, so we’d have to meet in the morning and Daniel would have to take an extended lunch or something. I want KEYS! I want to sign a lease! They’ve already cashed my security deposit check, the least they could do is give me a phone call…

At any rate, we have tenative plans to go to the coast with Callie and Paul this weekend, just to hang out. So that should be exciting. They’re helping us move the following weekend (if everything goes as planned).

Also, I wore my hair today like I did here. :)

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