August 30, 2005 9:56 pm

Fabulous Fifties

:note: The Beats – “Zombie Nation (Ohohoh Remix)”

I’m working on a cool 50’s-ish design. It’s for a school district in Idaho; we had to do either a government site (.gov) or an educational site (.edu), and I managed to choose a quasi-government site about education. Go figure. I don’t know how well the 50s theme is going to work, but anything’s better than what they have now. I figure my design is clean yet whimsical. I just hope it doesn’t look too… unbelievable? Untrustworthy? I dunno. It’s hard to make a gov/edu site look cool yet professional. By default, “professional” tends to mean “plain” and “boring” and “not aesthetically pleasing.” So when you throw in a hip design, it doesn’t look reliable. Gah.

See my unfinished version.

Comments? Feedback? Does it work for a school district, or is it too… non-school-district-y?

P.S. I may eventually use this as a layout for I’m kind of fond of it.

[edit: 11:30pm]
So, I did a totally different sort of design. Much more boring, but also much more gov/edu looking. I’ll bring both in and see what he says.
See the other design.

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