August 29, 2005 3:34 pm

Not What I Planned, But…

:note: Katatonia – “I Break”

My supervisor at my internship apparently called in sick today, and will probably not be back until Thursday. I think I should have stuck around and tried to work on stuff, but I need her there to give me the information to work on and to ask her questions about how things should be done. So I left. :lookup:

Prior to that whole fiasco, I bought an adorable little German vocabulary book at Powell’s. It’s basically a picture book with lots of helpful vocabulary words complete with the “der” and “die” and “das” little prefix-type-things that tell you what gender the noun is. I forget what those are called. They’re the equivalent of the word “the” in English. The hedgehog = der Igel. It’s the only vocabulary word I can reliably remember, and it’s only because it sounds like the word “eagle.”

The maintainence people just showed up. It was some guy who was like, “Just checkin’ for any leaks in the ceiling… Or dryrot in the windows.” He peeked under my blinds, glanced at the ceiling, took a look at my (hideously unvacuumed) carpet, and left. It took all of about a minute and a half. Weird.

I really don’t have any energy today, and I wish the apartment lady would call to set up the time to sign the lease and whatnot. Maybe I should continue my half-assed packing attempt… :wink:

[edit: 4:45pm]
I’m sorry, that was a disgustingly boring post. For some excitement (ha!) I will now discuss my favorite animals.
As some of you may well know, my favorite animal is the otter. I did a report on otters once in my 6th grade class because I was interested in them, and I totally fell in love. A funny side note is that in the Harry Potter books, Hermione’s corporeal patronus takes the form of an otter. (See? SEE?)

My report was more of a weirdly long narrative by this otter couple (the girl’s name was Lori, I don’t remember the male’s name) detailing what they do during the day, what they eat, how long it takes to have babies, etc. A friend of mine (mocking my report) memorized one of the lines I wrote and would recite it to me just to be obnoxious/funny. The line she used to recite was “I’m sleepy. I think I’ll wrap myself in water weeds so I don’t float away.” The story could be fictional, but there had to be facts involved, and it’s true that otters wrap themselves in seaweed so they stay in one place while they sleep. She just thought I worded it funny or something. So yes. Otters.

I think my second favorite animal might be a whale. However, I find I tend to like cartoony drawings of whales much better than photos of real whales. I love that the cartoons have these big, fat heads and then it goes down into this itty-bitty bend up to the tail. I think it’s insane how large real whales can get – I read once that sometimes a whale’s arteries get so big that a full-size trout could comfortably swim up them. That’s a HUGE blood vessel. Crazy.

What are your favorite animals?

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