August 25, 2005 10:36 pm


:note: Hammerfall – “Dragon Lies Bleeding”

Tonight, I’d like to talk about some interesting “goings-on” in my apartment building recently.

When I came home from class tonight, there was this sitting on the ledge by the mailboxes:


Then in front of my door (and everyone else’s too) there was another little baklava package with a note taped to the bottom that said “From: New Girl In Basement” which totally cracks me up. She seems very cool.

The other thing of interest (besides free food, oh how I love thee, free food) is the fact that somebody from the property management place will be entering my apartment sometime between the hours of 8am and 5pm on Monday the 29th. In order for them to be able to do this, they must “securely deliver” a written notice to me personally (by taping it on my door, apparently) and also mail the written notice to me. Wanna guess who they were addressed to?

[MORGAN] LASTNAME (I don’t give out my last name over the Internet, so just know that the last name they put for me was more or less correct, save for one letter. The letter they messed up makes my last name sound incredibly stupid.)

Yeah. The same people I write $300 checks to EVERY GODDAMN MONTH. I can understand misspellings. It happens all the time, hence I can overlook the last name discrepancy. However, “Morgan” can IN NO WAY be a misspelling for “Meggan.” It’s just not possible. What freaks me out is that the first name of one of my former neighbors was Morgan. Maybe that’s where it came from?

Also, I have no idea how they think they can do any inspection/maintainence in my tiny little room. You can basically only walk in and pivot since I have that dresser in here. I suppose I should try to clean my room before they come in or something. There’s nothing I can do about the dresser though, that’ll have to stay.

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  • zombieflyboy says:

    I for one, am glad you are not named Morgan.

    I like your name. Meggan with two g’s kicks ass.

  • That bakalava cracked me up, but what is it exactly?

    And its bad that they didnt know your name but at least your going to be gone soon. Wooohooo for moving!

  • Meggan says:

    Thanks Zombie!

    And baklava, as defined by
    A sweet dessert that consists of many layers of butter-drenched phyllo pastry, spices and chopped nuts. A spiced honey-lemon syrup is poured over the warm pastry after it is baked and allowed to soak into the layers.

    It’s very delicious.