August 25, 2005 6:05 pm

Adventures As An Intern

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “Mr. Self-Destruct”

I finally got ahold of the apartment lady. Our move-in date is the 1st of September (so soon!) and I’ve got the check for the deposit written; I just need to mail it. Woohoo! I’m so glad we’re not holding it for another two weeks. I want to move in NOW. :D

My first real workday at the internship went well – I got a lot done. I fixed a few misspellings, changed the names of some pages and made quite a few new ones, typed out some testimonials from a brochure… There’s a bunch more content I need to edit and change around, but they don’t have it in copy-paste-able form for me yet, which is why I didn’t get to it today. They also want me to add a lot more photos to the site, but they need to get those out of Microsoft Publisher and into Word so I can use them on any computer. Basically, we all just rotate computers based on who’s there and who isn’t at the time, and not all computers have Publisher. There’s only one computer with Dreamweaver MX (no, not MX 2004 :dis:) and they have no FTP programs to speak of.

I had to download Filezilla and leave it on the desktop for their IT guy to install. :thinking: Apparently, I am unable and/or unauthorized to double-click on the setup file. Hmm. I’m also not allowed to use his computer EVER because “there’s servers back there.” Thanks for making me feel totally trustworthy, Mister. Like I know anything about servers anyway, it’s not like I would mess with anything. Bah.

Well, my PHP class is commencing, I must try to pay attention.

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