August 23, 2005 6:39 pm


:note: The Presidents of the USA – “Zero Friction”

We got approved for the apartment! :highfive: Hurray!

The only crap thing is that they didn’t factor my student loan money into my income (even though they totally could have), meaning our income isn’t quite 3x the monthly rent, so they’re charging us a $350 security deposit instead of the normal $200. Whatever. We have a new place! Together! *does a dance* :chubbysmile:

Daniel is currently in Sandpoint, so he has no idea we’ve been approved. Gretchen had three days off and wanted to go home to visit family, so when we saw her on Saturday, she asked if Daniel could come with her. He managed to get the three days off of work and they left this morning at about 6am. I miss him already. It just sort of seems like he’s at work (because he typically is) but he won’t be home for another two days. Lame. I’m glad he gets to see his family though, that’s important.

Speaking of family, my mom accidentally bought me a pair of shoes today. :roll: I guess she was looking at them online and put them in the shopping cart thinking she’d tell me about them to see if I liked them. She managed to put in my mailing address, and then hit “next,” and it was like “THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER.” So I guess I have some shoes on the way. :D I need shoes. I hate to say it, but my beloved Volatile shoes wreak havoc on my feet if I have to walk anywhere for a lengthy period of time. A long day out shopping would kill my feet. We’ll see how these new ones go.

New apartment! Whee! :tongue:

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  • Callie says:

    Yay! Congratulations Meggan! We’ll have to have a big housewarming party. Huge! And by huge party, I mean Paul and I should come over and we can hang out in your new apartment. Woo!! This is great!

  • Wooo!!! That is super super fantastic lady!!!!

    Ok now before you move in I have to come do the new apartment naked dance.

    What? Its tradition.

  • zombieflyboy says:

    Congrats on the new apartment. I think I might get one too, as I’d love to see what the naked apartment dance is all about.


  • Danielmort says:

    YAY!!!! Thanks for taking care of the apartment stuff while I’m up here. I’m really stoked! I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow night.