August 22, 2005 2:55 pm

Scheduling And Other Fiascos

:note: TV On The Radio – “The Wrong Way”

This morning was so weird. I got up at 5ish, got ready and left at about 6:25am. I went to go register for classes and miraculously, they were already open and helping people at 6:45am! This is crazyness! They don’t usually open the roll-y window until at least 7:30am, and technically they always say they don’t start registering people until 8am. So I got in “line” (I say “line” because there was only one girl in front of me and she was already being helped) and waited for about 30 seconds, got registered, and was done by 7am. Sadly, I don’t start work until 7:30, so I had a half an hour to just muck about. I went and got a Chai latte and just sort of hung out.

With any luck (ie, no cancellations) I will be taking:
:arrow: Psychology of Creativity
:arrow: Database Management Concepts
:arrow: Environmental Science
:arrow: Foundation Portfolio
:arrow: Internship

Yeah, five classes again. I think I’ll be okay. At least, I hope so. This is the last time I’ll have to have five classes, so that’s sort of cool.

I haven’t heard anything back from the rental place; we’re still waiting for actual approval of our apartment application. The lady said she didn’t forsee any complications, but I really hope we find out soon.

I just checked my online banking statement and my old email address, and that GODDAMN PIECE OF SHIT HOSTING COMPANY CHARGED MY CARD FOR AUGUST! I am absolutely livid.
I just called them, and the guy was like, “Oh, well, you know with our new billing system, you can just log in and cancel the billing yourself.” So I told him (angrily) that I was under the assumption that when I said I wanted my hosting canceled, I also meant I wanted the billing for it canceled as well. HOW DIFFICULT IS THAT?!?

I then asked about the status of the whole billed-twice-in-June fiasco, since I emailed them on August 11 and still have not heard back, and the guy was like, “Err, what email address did you send it to?” So I told him it was their Sales dept, and he said, “Oh, that’s why. They were probably confused by it. Send it to the info email address instead.” HE FUCKING TOLD ME TO SEND IT TO SALES WHEN I TALKED TO HIM LAST! :wtf:

:rage: :rage: :rage:

This company makes me want to cry. Why are they so crap? Why? WHY? I bet they won’t even refund my fucking money. I hate them. Immensely.

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  • Obviously, your old host has decided to save money by having giant asses put on ties and answer the tech support emails and calls. The nightmare has to be over sooner or later, right?

    Your psych of creativity class sounds pretty interesting. I had the best psych instructor in college, so engaging, he’s still a friend these many years later. I hope you have every bit as much luck with your instructor.