August 14, 2005 3:01 pm

Recent School Projects

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This is what I’ve been up to at school recently.

See the Steakhouse design. Feedback?

Since table layouts are encouraged in this class for cross-browser compatibility, I’m trying to get the hang of using them. I’ve never really made a layout using tables, and YES I know it’s horrible and sacrilegious and I hate myself every time I do one, but I want to get the hang of them because most companies don’t care about standards and just want a site that looks nice. I’m just expanding my skill set. If somebody needs me to code a layout using tables and I can’t do it, I won’t get the job. I need to be able to do it. The self-flagellation afterward is optional, I’m sure.

Questions from my PHP midterm:

  1. Have the user enter their first and last name, and create a “username” using the first letter of their first name and the last five letters of their last name. Test it out.
  2. Set up a form that will calculate the total price of clothes based on quantities entered by the user. “Buy” some clothes.
  3. Create a driving time calculator that will show the time needed for the trip based on mileage and expected miles per hour. A decimal answer would be nice, but outputting the time in hours and minutes would be better. Calculate driving time.
  4. Working with arrays: Put your family’s information in an array, sort it alphabetically and display it in a table. Then make an associative array with information like age, gender, and their relationship to you, and output that in a table as well. Check it out.

It’s okay if you want to make fun of my PHP stuff – I know it’s elementary. I think I got everything correct on the practical portion of the midterm though; the outputting hours and minutes thing was tricky but I got it. I didn’t, however, make a provision that would account for the “1 hour” versus “1 hours” thing. Oh well. It wasn’t required, but I did think about doing it anyway just to show off. I’m like that.

Now I just have to work on doing this collage thing for HMCIII on Tuesday. I’m actually doing it ahead of time so I can get it printed tomorrow while I’m at work. I think it’s a great plan. Anyway, let me know what you think about my projects!

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  • Shannon says:

    I can’t believe you are back in school already O_O We still have two weeks until we return. I bet you’re on trimesters, huh? Well, I hope all is well! Take care of yourself!

  • HBSL says:

    I hadn’t seen the finished steakhouse design, but I like it a lot. It looks really good!

  • Meggan says:

    No, not trimesters, just year round school. Basically, I’m getting a four year degree in three years, so I have to go to school year-round in order to fit it all in. I get two three week breaks (in Dec/Jan and June/July), one week in spring, and two weeks off in fall (end of September). It’s pretty crazy.

  • Ok, I toss up some lame updates on weekends I admit it, lots of pictures, I do try to do a good friday entry to hold over but what I am worst at is reading other blogs on weekends, specially while the girls are here. Since they are still here, I have just skimmed your enteries and you can bet I will be back later to leave more comments.

    Oh and sorry I left those 300 spams for porn on your site, I really thought you wanted 300 porn choices, my bad. :)

  • And your not fat, your curvy and sexy and booblicious.