August 13, 2005 3:25 pm


:note: The Anniversary

I just got bombarded by tons and tons of comment spam. It was all porn, but it was disguised because the email addresses were things like “” and the messages said things like, “hi so sleep by sleep” and stuff like that. Fortunately, they were all from the same IP address (, if you’re interested in banning it) so they were easy enough to delete. I had over 300 comments on one entry. It’s not like it was difficult to notice considering I think my comment record is something like seven. :tongue:

The KSE concert was really fun. We got up near the front during the beginning of their set, but that meant that I was totally squished and fighting for fresh air the whole time. I was so sweaty and gross, it was disgusting. Fun though. Some assface climbed up the side of me to crowd surf. He stepped on my hip and my rib and my arm and shoulder. I have a weird purpley bruise on the back of my right arm and I think it was from him. Joe thinks one of his ribs is broken, but he was sorta drunk at the time and I haven’t talked to him today to see if he feels any better. Daniel found an As I Lay Dying guitar pick, which is sort of cool but sort of sucky because we don’t really like AILD and didn’t even watch their set – we went downstairs and had some cheesey french fries. I told him to sell it on eBay.

Daniel and I both got t-shirts. Mine was convenient for rubbing the sweat off my face while I was being squished, because people kept moving their arms around and my face is about elbow to armpit level to most guys. Ew. :yuck: Makes me feel gross just thinking about it. I took a shower right after I got home.

Today Daniel and I are going to try to find something to do that doesn’t involve being too hot. I’m tempting fate by wearing a skirt. We’ll see how things go.

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