August 11, 2005 2:42 pm


:note: Type O Negative – “Die With Me”

I’ve called my old host and got my account cancelled. Hopefully. I won’t really know until around the 20th-26th where we’ll see if they continue to charge me. I wouldn’t put it past them.

The guy did the whole, “If there’s anything we can do to save your business – compensation, free months, blah blah blah” and I told him that I’d already found another solution and I’m not interested in his offers. He asked what my reasons were and I told him flat out that since March, their service took an absolute nosedive. He made an “OOOH, ouch” kind of noise but I just kept talking. I told him about the tons of downtime, the database servers going down, the subsequent corruption of the databases, the lack of backups, the three weeks it took them to respond to one help ticket and the two weeks it took for this last one. All of it.

I also told him about the double billing incident where the reply email said it was for a different amount and for something I completed in March. He looked at my invoices and basically told me that that one didn’t exist. I told him that that was incorrect because I’ve got two receipts for payments and two charges in my bank account. He told me to email the receipts and they’ll try to get it taken care of. I emailed him right after I got off the phone and even sent a small screenshot of my online bank statement that shows both the charges. I blurred everything else out, but it still clearly shows that I was charged twice.

Gah. What a fiasco that was.

Anyway, so I think that’s taken care of. Hurray! :D


Good/Scary news: I was chosen for an internship for the people I did the web-raising site for! Tom (teacher) came up to me after my midterm yesterday and was like, “Would you be interested in doing an internship for OCHA?” and I was like, “Oh thank god” because I’ve been stressing out about this whole internship thing. (Our re-design is here.)

We’re sort of required to take one before we graduate (not required per se but very very heavily recommended) but I was sort of freaking out about doing one since I don’t have a car. I can’t get anywhere on my own accord. What if my internship ended up being in Gresham or Tigard or something? Then what would I do? Fortunately, this OCHA thing is right downtown, not too far from the school. I can easily get there by walking. And I’d be able to just go over there after class or something.

Apparently the way internship things work is you sign up for an internship “class” that only meets about three times over the course of the term. You just discuss what you’re doing and what you’ve learned and that sort of thing. You have to have 90 total hours worked in order for the internship to count for class credit, but Tom said they want me to start now. This means that instead of trying to accumulate all 90 hours next term (which equates to working about 10 hours a week, way more than they’ll probably need me for) I can start now-ish and begin accumulating hours now. This is good because then I don’t have to work so many hours a week next term.

I think I’m supposed to call the lady today and talk to her about it but I’m scared – I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say! “Hi, my name’s Meggan and I was told you were looking for an intern?” I honestly don’t even know why I’m calling – am I trying to set up an interview? or am I just letting them know I’m available? Augh! I emailed Tom about it a bit ago so hopefully he’ll help. Wish me luck. :ministar:

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