August 7, 2005 12:42 pm

Apartment Search 1.1

:note: Moby – “Fireworks”

The apartment we looked at got rented – Daniel called today about putting in an application and was told that it was taken. So. I guess at least we know how to go look at apartments now, for future reference. For now, we’re looking for apartments like 3 bedroom apartments for rent or furnished high end rental apartments nearby.

It’s actually a decent temperature today, and sort of overcast. I don’t really want it to rain since I think I need to go grocery shopping, but it’s a welcome change from it being 95° before I even get up in the morning. That reminds me, I might as well be on the lookout for apartment blinds while I’m out and about. We’ll be needing some that can keep the sunlight out when it’s just too hot outside and we want the a/c to keep the place cool.

While grocery shopping, I must remember to buy some rubber gloves. I hate doing dishes without rubber gloves, is that weird? I just don’t like how it makes my hands all squishy and gross feeling afterward. I’ll do dishes willingly if I have gloves. I also refuse to clean bathrooms without using rubber gloves, but that comes from working at a hotel for a year and a half. You don’t do ANYTHING in the bathroom without gloves. Ew.

Daniel and I went to Lloyd Center yesterday to find him some shorts. The one pair he had broke – the button came off a few weeks ago and then the zipper just broke. The button was do-able, you could safety pin it together and we planned on getting a lil’ sewing kit to fix it, but the zipper is something I can’t do anything about. We found some shorts for him (and a pair of pants for work) at Anchor Blue, and because AB was so wonderful, the grand total for a nice pair of shorts and a nice pair of pants was less than $6. Yes, you read that right. Six dollars. Awesome.

I bought a neat little handbag/purse type thing by Roxy. I never buy purses, but I had looked at this one the last time we were there and it was the perfect size and it was black and made of nylon so it should be easily cleanable. So I bought it. I like it very much.

Tomorrow is the beginning of week 05 in school, which means I have most of my mid-terms this week. :dis: Hopefully they won’t be too bad. I know what I have to do for my two programming classes (Python and PHP) and my Internet Layout & Design class. And I don’t think I even have a test in my History of Material Cultures III class, thank god. I think I’ll be fine.

I may try to clean my room today – Daniel cleaned his yesterday and even vacuumed, and I think I probably should too. And then there’s the dishes thing. And the fact that I have a fairly large dresser taking up most of the (very little) floorspace in my room. I guess I’m off to eat some lunch and then grocery shop and clean. I hope your Sunday is going well. :)

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  • Trinity says:

    “You don’t do ANYTHING in the bathroom without gloves.”

    Ok, I DEFINITELY read that wrong!

    How in the hell does one buy two articles of clothing for a mere six dollars? I envy people who can shop like this? How could I acquire this shopping skill?

  • Meggan says:

    :haha: that’s terrible! Definitely something not to be taken out of context.

    And about the shopping, I have no idea. He thought the shorts were $12 because that’s what the sticker said, but apparently they had been marked down again and nobody re-tagged them. It was crazy.