August 2, 2005 6:20 pm

Hopefully This One Will Look How It’s Supposed To

:note: The Shins “Chutes Too Narrow” CD

I have to do another design for tomorrow, a bike shop this time. Wish me luck. I’ll probably post a mockup when I’m done, but I also have to build this one out in HTML so it might take me longer than normal.

[edit: 11:40pm]
Done! From thumbnails and sketches to digital mockup and buildout in about 4 hours. Not too shabby! :D As a sort of disclaimer, I’m going to credit with the color scheme because I saw it a while ago and thought it’d be perfect for this assignment. I hope nobody thinks I’m trying to rip her off; I’m not. It’s just an assignment for school, and we’re encouraged to appropriate things from other websites we like.
That said, see this week’s project. I just uploaded an image, not the HTML buildout, because I didn’t want to waste space with all the little images. That, and we’re sort of required-ish to use very basic HTML (table layouts and the like *shudder*) and I’m still hating myself for it. I purposely made a table layout. And I used align="center" in some spots. Do you see why I can’t live with myself?!? Augh. At least it’s done.

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