August 1, 2005 8:52 pm

Old Habits Don’t Die

:note: Therion – “Abraxas”

I had a post started, but I was trying to use Paypal and check my Gmail account at the same time and my computer didn’t like it and crashed Firefox. So it’s gone now. Also, for some reason, my computer keeps thinking I’ve typed Ctrl+F when I haven’t and attempts to search the page for things. It’s getting very annoying. I should probably restart; the compy tends to get screwy when it’s been on for a few days straight.

New flyers downstairs have informed me that I do, in fact, still have a landlord! He lives next door to where the old one did, and his name is Thor. Well, it’s not really, his real name is Bernard but he goes by Thor. :thinking: Don’t ask me, I have no idea. Daniel saw some of his mail once. Anyway, that’s nice because the old landlord was kind of weird. Hopefully Thor won’t be as weird.

I tightened all the knobs on my new dresser today and I’m working on cleaning all the drawers out now. One of the knobs still just spins and I think the screw is stripped, so I may just glue it down or something. As far as cleaning it goes, I think the previous owners must have had a cat. :yuck: In related news, I’ve also gathered up a huge bag of clothes that I never wear so that I can donate them to Goodwill or something. I keep EVERYTHING, even if I know I’ll never wear it, on the off chance that I might need it someday. In fact, I still have grocery bags of clothes at the old apartment from when I tried to sell them to Buffalo Exchange and The Red Light because they didn’t want any of them. So I’m trying to break that habit by donating a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. Maybe I’ll get a gigantic tax break or something.

Daniel’s friend Asa is still here. I sort of feel bad for him because he just has to hang out while Daniel’s at work. I’m used to amusing myself alone at the apartment all day, but I don’t think he is and he doesn’t know Portland well enough to just venture out on his own. And it’s not like our place is exciting to hang out in. We don’t have TV or high-speed internet. We do have lots of gaming consoles, but that’s about it. Fortunately it wasn’t nearly as hot today as it has been, so it wouldn’t have been uncomfortable to stay inside all day. Ah well, I’m sure if he wasn’t enjoying himself he’d have left by now.

I feel like I’m rambling, so I think I’ll stop. I also have to go switch my laundry over. :)

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  • Thor? reallllly? Hmm I have a friend who has a dog named Thor, but I have never met anyone who wants to be called that, very interesting. And weird.

    I am a pack rat too, but Nick is a mega pack rat, we have way too much junk around here, and I have given LOTS of it away. The boy collects empty coffee cans, he has a freaking coffee can army. sigh.