August 1, 2005 10:29 pm


:note: Tiamat – “As Long As You Are Mine”

TYPE O VAMPIRE – 01.08.2005 (It took me a while to remember in the UK, dates are reversed – this is from Aug. 01 not Jan. 8. )

TYPE O NEGATIVE frontman Peter Steele will be joining the cast of the new vampire movie, “Tao of M”, this August. Steele will be taking on the role of Viktor Baine, the vampire who sires Midael. James L. Bills is directing the hi-def production, produced by Milena Rimassa-Merrill and featuring makeup FX by Matt Green, director of “Vicious”.

“Tao of M” is reportedly being shot by Velvet Life Productions in a joint venture with Isis Films. Shooting for “Tao of M”, which is based on the half-hour indie film “Slayer Zed and the City of the Dead”, began in early July, and the moviemakers are aiming for a world premiere this Halloween.

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