July 10, 2005 9:42 pm

A Belated Present

:note: Daniel playing Kirby’s Air Ride

I hung out with Gretchen all day today… we ended up going to Target because she needed to get a swimsuit (among other things). I ended up getting Daniel a belated anniversary present. I had meant to buy it a long time ago but just didn’t get around to it. You’re going to laugh, but I got him a cordless phone. :lookup: He has an old one that used to be his brother’s, but it thinks it’s running out of batteries after five minutes of talking and it also doesn’t have a built-in answering machine. I know I could probably just buy a new battery, but when phone batteries are $20-something bucks and you got the phone for free several years ago, it almost makes sense to just get a new one. I think he likes it. At least he says he does. I know he’s going to miss his old answering machine because it plays a cool little song, but he’s thinking about recording the little song as the greeting message so maybe he won’t be so lonesome for it.

Work starts tomorrow; I can’t say I’m especially excited simply because I don’t have anything else to do for the day except work. I should ask about my financial situation though… I think the school is holding some of my money hostage. Oh! And I have to ask about getting Friday off for the Harry Potter release! :dork: Rumor has it that an entire section of a street is going to be closed off and decorated as Diagon Alley. I am unbelievably excited.

I’m off to challenge Daniel to some Kirby games before we go to bed. I have to be up early. :grumbly:

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