July 9, 2005 6:30 pm

No Unifying Theme

:note: Beck – “Sexx Laws”

I have been playing Kirby’s Air Ride :kirby: all freakin’ day. I love it! I’m not very good at video games, especially racing ones, but I love this one because it’s so easy and yet so challenging at the same time. If you have a GameCube, I totally recommend it.

Also, the rumors are true: Daniel makes the best scrambled eggs ever. :yum: Yesterday he made me a breakfast bagel – it had his special scrambled eggs and some cheddar cheese on top of a plain bagel. It was delicious.

Daniel’s sister Gretchen is supposed to visit us sometime today; not sure exactly when. She apparently needs to use the internet or something, because she doesn’t have it where she’s working for the summer.

Ooh, and a big thank you to Sharon, Daniel’s mom. She got me a t-shirt from homestarrunner.com for my birthday. It’s the “Scalding Lake” shirt from Peasant’s Quest! I love it! :love: I have it on right now. Thank you! :grin:

There are new blocks on my guestblock! Feel free to test them out.

Some time during my vacation I changed my ringtone to the Numanuma song! It’s exciting, I know.

Here’s a picture I took with my phone over break; it’s my grandma’s dog. He’s part chihuahua and part something else that makes him fluffier.


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