July 8, 2005 8:55 pm

Banking Is Just Not My Thing

:note: Spoon – “I Turn My Camera On”

I’m home, safe and sound. :)

I also had a totally embarrassing experience a bit ago. Daniel and I went to Fred Meyer to grocery shop (fancy that!) and I went before him in the checkout line. I swiped my debit card and upon being told by the machine to enter my PIN number, I realized that, ah, since I haven’t used it since before I left on vacation for two weeks, I momentarily blanked on the number. More blanking on the number ensued, my face started turning red, I laughed nervously. Two or three more attempts later (including my attempt to use Daniel’s PIN number on my account :dis:), the lovely checker told me he could just run it as credit. :whew:

I still can’t remember it. :oops: I’m going to search for the activation papers I got when I opened the account and see if I can turn it up… otherwise I’ll just call their help number and tell them what’s happened. Gah.

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  • I do that sometimes with my phone number, I always have the urge to give the number that goes to my x’s house, after giving it out for 9 years it got to be a habbit hah.

    Unfortunetly I shop too often to forget my pin, sigh.

    Glad your back lady!

  • Star says:

    OMG, seriously that happened to me a week ago. I couldn’t remember my PIN for like 4 days. I tried so many times that the bank actually wouldn’t let me run the card anymore! It was really embarrassing!