July 5, 2005 8:47 am

A Dream About Jason Lee This Time

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I’ve been dreaming weird things again. (Nothing involving Queen Latifah though, thankfully.)

In my dream last night I was at somebody’s house hanging out with friends. Heidi’s friend Steph was there, as was Jason Lee (I don’t know why I dreamt about him, I think there was a TV commercial involving him recently, maybe that’s why?) and Jason Lee’s aunt. And some other people.

For some reason, Jason Lee decided he no longer wished to continue life in this world and made his way into the bathroom to end it all. It was like I was watching a movie, because then the scene changed to the living room where his aunt was standing, clutching her handbag. All of a sudden, she pulled a revolver out of the bag, screamed, and shot herself in the head. Blood went everywhere.

No less than five seconds later, Jason shot himself while laying in the tub. We ran into the bathroom and all I remember seeing was the blood sprayed on the inside of the white-ish clear shower curtain. Steph and some of the guys there hauled his body out of the bathtub and wrapped a blanket around him.

Next thing I knew, his body was on the couch/futon in a very small room, and Steph was cuddling with him. Holding him and rocking him and talking to him. Then she got up and went downstairs into the basement. I peeked into the room and watched his limp arm fall out of the blanket and onto the futon, and then I looked away and heard the rest of his body crumple to the floor. People came running in again to pick him up and put him back on the futon before Steph came upstairs (from doing laundry :thinking: ). I was walking around the house sniffling to myself because it all seemed so sad to me, but nobody else was crying.

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