June 20, 2005 3:27 pm

Pre-Birthday Preparations

:note: Katatonia – “Dispossession”

My birthday’s tomorrow! :chubbysmile: Callie and Paul and maybe James are coming over and we’re going to have a multi-platform video game tournament! It should be tons of fun.

Daniel’s working an early shift tomorrow so he’ll be home earlier than usual (thank god) and I think we’re going to make my Kirby :kirby: cake tonight. I need to run to Fred Meyer and get some food coloring so Kirby will be pink and not white – I wish I had my cake decorating supplies here; they’d be really useful. I took cake decorating in 4-H for something like 4 years, so I totally know how to do the cool cake thing. It’s just that all my special (tasteless! gourmet!) food coloring and special (professional! expensive!) frosting bags and tips are in Idaho. :sarc:

Speaking of Idaho, Daniel and I are leaving the 24th to go home to visit. Coincidentally, the 24th is also our 4 year anniversary :heartgrin: Being cramped on a train for ten hours wasn’t really how I envisioned us spending the day, but it’s really the only day that worked for both of us after we found out that the 25th was sold out. (In case I haven’t mentioned it, Daniel didn’t end up getting both weeks of vacation off, just the first one. Which, I suppose is okay; he won’t lose out on as much money that way, making it easier for us to get an apartment in the future. It’s just sad that he won’t have as long of a vacation as I will :dis:) He’s coming back about six days before me, and I’m coming back on one of his days off so he can meet me at the train station. Anyway, yeah, four years. :thinking:

I’m getting a late start on the day, but I’m going to go take a shower and then get some food coloring, and then continue the site switching process. I was lame and didn’t really do anything yesterday, so I’ll try to get things going again today. :)

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