June 19, 2005 9:15 pm

Dork Alert

:note: Therion – “Lemuria”

A bit ago, I was staring out Daniel’s window and I watched the sky turn from bright blue to cloudy and gray. I then found myself thinking, “that’s a great example of #f5f5f5 and #cccccc,” two of my favorite shades of gray that I use all over this site. :dork:


The sky continued to freak out and turned into a weird, smoggy-looking smooshing together of blue, gray, and yellow. It then morphed into a frightening shade of pink with hints of orange and has since calmed down into a dusty, rosy purple. There was also a rainbow at one point.

Yes, I took pictures. :)

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  • Star says:

    Yes, that was very freaky. It was a tornado alert. I took Sean out that evening for a Father’s Day Dinner at McGrath’s Fish House when my cell phone rang. It was Audrey of course freaking out because she had seen the tornado alert on the Spanish Channel. Me, being a very superstitous and panicky person of course freaked out because I had dreamed about a tornado a few days earlier. Sean and I went outside after dinner and walked to Coldstone Creamery figuring that most likely everything would be fine. In the midst of enjoying my birthday cake icecream, I looked out the window and panicked because the trees were all bent down and there was garbage and signs flying through the air. At that point I just wanted to get home to Keenan. So we ran to the car clutching the half eaten ice cream to keep it from being ripped out of my hands. Of course nothing to much happened tornado wise, but the clouds and the sunset and the rainbow were the most awesome i’ve ever seen.