June 18, 2005 7:29 pm

Stupid Dial-Up.

:note: Daniel’s fan

Of all days to try to start the Great Server Migration :roll: – my Internet connection has been sketchy at best. I’ve reconnected countless times today to no avail. It works when it wants to work. This means that I might think I’m downloading all the images off of my site, but I’m really just pretending to because my connection slowed to a standstill and my FTP program disconnected. :thinking:

Things are in the works though, I think I have all the images saved on my computer now. I had no idea how much extra fluff I had just sitting and taking up space! There are so many images that I thought would have been deleted by now (ones from when I first started the site!) and since they’re not, I’m taking care of it now.

PLEASE give me your opinions on the questions I asked in my previous post. :inn: I’m serious, feedback would be ESPECIALLY helpful. :D

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  • Trinity says:

    You’ve got my opinion on the previous post now!

    Eww.. I remember the days of 56k. Days? No, YEARS! We just FINALLY got a cable connection in my house after having dialup for over 6 years and I’ve been in heaven since. Everything was such a pain in the butt on dialup. I had the hardest time doing anything and each day it seemed to become worse and worse. So, I can definitely sympathise with what you’re going through now.