June 17, 2005 9:43 pm

On Break, Plus Website Happenings

:note: someone’s techno downstairs

All done! All done! No more school for three weeks! No more work for three weeks! :star:

I didn’t really get to chat with anybody at the portfolio show since I didn’t get there until 2pm, and I had to work at three so I was running around trying to see everybody before they packed up. I talked to Keith for a bit, and he wouldn’t let me have any of his business cards because he had only THREE left out of about eighty. :roll: I may forgive him eventually.

JUST AS A WARNING: I believe I am going to start The Great Server Migration tomorrow-ish. I’m going to save all the stuff that’s currently on my site tonight and tomorrow morning. I am going to change my nameservers for my domain from the crap server I have now to the new, spiffy, fantastic, won’t-go-down-all-the-time server sometime tomorrow afternoon-evening. Like I said before, there shouldn’t be any real down-time, per se, just times where you might be seeing my site on the old server and sometimes you might see it on the new server due to propagation. I envision a new layout being put up through all this mess, but I’m not sure how that’ll play out realistically. So you might see this layout, you might see a new one, or you might see a hideous amalgamation of both, which means you should hit ctrl+F5 to clear your browser’s cache and then all should be right again.

As an addendum to that, I’m thinking about not trying to put up any of my photography during the switch, and here’s why: I plan on making a decent, secure, database-driven, PHP powered photo gallery script in my PHP class next term. This is probably a huge endeavor, but man would it be useful. So instead of going to all the work of uploading and arranging the static pages right now, I want to do it properly with databases, even if that means doing it later. I’m not even sure anybody looks at the photos anyway, so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

Also, I’m wondering if I should put my journal as the index page of my site… On one hand, I think it’s what most people come here for anyway, so why make them click an extra time for it? On the other hand, I do like having the little introduction page and I sometimes feel that when personal sites have a blog as the index, you lose out on a proper greeting because you’re already jumping into the content. And I also think that since it’s the main draw of the site, none of my content would ever get visited again. What say you, visitors of my site?

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  • jr says:

    Good luck with the server move. the photo gallery script sounds like a cool project

  • Sharon says:

    meggan – I think that a intro page is more of a greeting, especially if you want visitors to check out the the site and not just the blog/journal. Good luck with the switcher-roo.

  • Trinity says:

    I faced this same difficult decision several weeks ago. I figured that since my blog was the main focus of my site, why not just put it on the index? After all, it was there when I first started that domain. I miss my regular intro page (because as you said, it’s a proper greeting), but I honestly think I’m living fine without it now. I just hated the thought that my domain was receiving essentially no hits compared to my weblog. The main reason I moved my blog to the main index was simply to draw more visitors to the site itself. I really don’t know if that has worked, though, because I still see only the same people visiting my site. Not that that is a problem or anything… I say go for it. It’ll be a change. If it doesn’t work out, you could always move it back to a different part of your site, even though that’s always a pain in the ass.