June 14, 2005 2:22 pm

Day Two of Finals Week

:note: typing noises

I got 100% on my animation final! :highfive: Wooo! Chris (my teacher) specifically mentioned it as one of the ones with good character animation! :chubbysmile:

Also, Tom C seemed to like my package design, which is nothing short of amazing. Now all I have left is to turn in my XML final tomorrow and I’ll be TOTALLY DONE with Finals week SP/05. Thank god. Actually, so far it hasn’t been too bad; Type II totally stressed me out but it’s not like I ended up doing a crap job or anything… XML was completely un-stressful… Multimedia & Animation was sort of stressful, but I apparently still did well… Psychology wasn’t very stressful at all, just a quiz each week and then a final that was just a longer quiz. I’m feeling very good about this term.

I shall start The Great Server Migration sometime after the end of this week. :D This means (sadly) that my site will be sort of wonky for a few days. It shouldn’t be down per se, but it will probably look really funny. I’ll let you know about it when I’m actually physically doing it, but I’m just warning you now. Just so you know. Also, I got an email from some nice person that would have otherwise left a block on my guestblock, but my guestblock (as well as my Q&A section) is still down… I just haven’t re-installed/re-configured either of them since the downtime that wrecked my databases for the second time. I can assure you, however, that they will be up and running again when The Great Server Migration is complete.


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  • that video is freaking deranged! what is up? crazy people oh my god. funny though.

    Kids go home tomorrow, bring back the blocks so i can molest them!!!

  • Meggan says:

    YAAAAAAAY! Somebody finally watched the video! It’s totally deranged, that’s the great thing about it. I’m glad you thought it was funny.