June 13, 2005 7:50 pm

They Want Your Babies…

:note: Incredibad – “The Heist” …well, in my head.

Psychology went decently, I finished the test fairly quickly and I don’t think I did too badly. I worked on my animation stuff for a while, to the point where it could be called done. It has sound and everything. AND a functioning “again” button. :D Hurray! I then went to Kinko’s and tried to explain to them what I needed.

It’s always an adventure doing that, because they ALWAYS assume I’m a huge idiot who has no idea what they’re asking for. I could come in and give them two PDF files on a CD, tell them exactly that, and they’d still ask me if the files were PDFs and what files I wanted printed. It never fails. Today I had the added problem of trying to print CD labels, which is apparently against company policy over there at Kinko’s. They’re “not allowed” to put label paper through any of their machines. They made me print it myself on one of those stupid “pay .20c a minute” computers. The sort where the monitor is a 25″ CRT but the computer is a dinosaur. Yeah. It did print, but I somehow doubt the quality is as good as it could have been.

They agreed to print my other two files, thank god, but they told me to come back in about two hours. :dis: I hate that. They didn’t even have any print jobs RUNNING when I came in (I remember thinking “thank god, I don’t hear ANY printers running, they should be able to do mine quickly.” Ha.). If they tell me to “come back later,” or ask, “So, when do you need these by?” I know it’s a bad omen. Also, never try to print anything in December. They’ll just tell you that they have calendars to do and that they can’t accomodate you.

That said, I almost wish I would have actually gone in while James was working, because there’s a chance I could have gotten my labels printed by the GOOD printers, and I may not have had to wait. Of course, this is all speculation.

At any rate, I have to turn in my Type II stuff and my animation stuff tomorrow. HOPEFULLY the Type II stuff prints decently.
In other news, Gem Sweater by Leslie Hall is probably the funniest video ever made. This lady collects outrageously hideous sweaters and then made a music video for a song she wrote about them. It is a work of genius. I am addicted.

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  • I miss ya lady! I still have munchkins everywhere, some go home tomorrow though…

  • Kinko’s blowsblowsblows. Poor thing.

  • Meggan says:

    Thanks for your sympathy, Spurious Plum, but see, I like Kinko’s. At least, I like the one James works at. And James himself. I just don’t like that if it’s anyone BUT James, they treat me like I have no idea what I’m talking about, when I generally do.

    Also, IS NO ONE WATCHING THE GEM SWEATER VIDEO?!? I should think that if anyone actually watched it they’d be raving about it. I know I would be.