June 12, 2005 1:36 pm

Poster Predicament

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Who knew designing a poster would be so hard? Last Tuesday, Tom C. basically said all of our type posters were crap and he couldn’t figure out why. I told him later that it could be because we didn’t have any idea what to put on it besides the name of our font – I know I didn’t. It took me forever to come up with the dictionary definition thing, and I did a million more mockups of the layout than I have on any other project, but it still wasn’t what he was looking for. For next Tuesday, we’re supposed to design a CD label, a little envelope for the CD to go in, and as an insert, re-do the poster and really push our idea. :gross: Augh. I’m really not that worried about the label or the envelope, but the poster is giving me SO MUCH TROUBLE. I seriously expended all of my creative efforts on that poster and I really have no desire to mess with it some more. Yet I have to, and I really only have today to do it.

He told us to think of it as a band poster and look at other examples of posters to get an idea of what he’s looking for. This is only partially helpful – with a band poster, you should have the name of the band, the venue, and the time and date at the very least. With a type sample poster, what else do you really need other than the name of the font? Our posters are supposed to be neat things that people would be inclined to hang on their wall – a PDF of the full size (11″x17″) poster will be on the CD. I realize it’s finals week and I’m probably freaking out more than I need to, but this is the final project, and I do want to do well. To further compound the problem, the main focus of the poster should be our typeface, not an image. :worried: I really don’t know what to do at this point…

On a happier note, today is Daniel’s sister Gretchen’s birthday! Happy birthday Gretchen! :chubbysmile:

Joe let Daniel and I borrow the new(ish) Therion dual disc CD thing, “Sirius B” and “Lemuria,” and it’s really good. Lots of choir-ish singing stuff and bass vocals and other things I like a lot. I totally recommend it.

Wish me luck; I have to install some weirdass program so I can do my CD label. Hopefully it won’t wreck my computer. :woggly:

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