June 9, 2005 8:10 pm

Self-Portrait Day!

:note: Sisters of Mercy – “Lucretia, My Reflection”

I was wondering why, all of a sudden, my hit counter on my site went from about 12-20 to over 50 in about a day or so. I NEVER get 50 visitors a day. And if I do, I’m assuming they don’t initially go to my index page so it doesn’t count. Then through a complex series of events, I somehow made my way to the self portrait day site and realized that I was chosen for this week’s installment. I almost forgot that I even submitted my information. So to everyone that came here from there, HI! Welcome. I love visitors. :D

I survived eating the tofu in the stir-fry, and it wasn’t too bad. Yay for Daniel! Right now, he’s making noodles in the basement. Basement/kitchen. We’re looking for apartments, by the way. :excite: This is super exciting. I basically just TOLD my mom that that’s what we were going to do, and she said, “Oh.” in a very disapproving way but didn’t tell me I couldn’t do it. And really, I’m almost twenty. I can choose where I want to live. So there.

My Victoria’s Secret tank tops came in the mail today! I bought three of them, and one of them doesn’t look like it’s going to work out, but the other two are fantastic. They fit over my boobs! And they’re even the built-in bra kind! This has never happened before and I’m estatic. Very very excited. I’ll have tank tops to wear in the summer! *does a dance* :star:

There was a small meeting today for the people in my major (Interactive Media Design, aka IMD, aka Multimedia & Web Design, aka MMWD) to voice concerns or opinions and to meet the new Department Director. Well, there was some sort of scheduling conflict or something, and the new Dept. Director couldn’t make it. At any rate, I mentioned that I’d love to take a class on how to do freelance type things like writing contracts, getting clients and working with clients, how to set up hosting/domain names for clients, etc. The reason being that I honestly have no idea how to do ANY of that. I don’t know the first thing about it. It was a well received suggestion and I’m really hoping we can at least have a workshop on it if nothing else. I’d really like to learn about that.

I also agreed with some other people that the Basic Web Design class is a total waste of time. All it is is a basic HTML class. There should be some sort of placement test and if you already know HTML, you shouldn’t be required to take it. It’s really the only class I’ve taken that I can honestly say I didn’t learn ANYTHING in. I gained a better understanding of how to use <div> tags, but I wasn’t taught anything I didn’t already know. I still can’t believe I spent $300 taking that class (yes, that’s about how much our classes cost). Ugh. I ended up trying to use some of the limited PHP knowledge I have and combine it with the CSS I knew to come up with something that would try to challenge me to some degree.

It’s Paul’s birthday tomorrow, so I think we’re going to go rollerskating somewhere in Vancouver. It should be pretty fun.

:haha: Callie sent me a The Darkness cover of Radiohead’s “Street Spirit.” It’s hilariously wonderful. I love The Darkness. I’ll email it to any interested parties, just leave me a comment. And again, a warm welcome to anyone here from Self-Portrait Day. :)

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  • Hi Meggan, long time no comment.

    Your tank top sounds great, I’m happy you found something that fits and that you like.

    It sounds like your boy likes to cook. I think that’s great. I need to learn more about cooking tofu because it’s supposed to be super healthy and my goal is to live forever.

    Useless classes suck, I had a few of those. Total waste of money.

    Catch you later!

  • Hey sexy boob rocker, glad the shirts are working for you, I miss playing on your site more. But puppy duty and all that, soon I will have more free time again, and Ill be poking around here lots and lots again hehe.

  • The Darkness rocks.

  • chrys says:

    Found you on “Self-Portrait Day” – I was there a couple of weeks ago. I admire your “about” system and may copy it. Your system allows people to find out exactly what they want to know without having to read and read through the “other stuff!” Nice “build!”