June 8, 2005 7:05 pm

School and Work Ramblings

:note: Green Day – “Jesus of Suburbia”

Today was Student Worker Appreciation day! :D I got an Art Institute CD case with a $1 token for the vending machines, and pizza and cookies. Whenever the school does things like this, they get catered food and the cookies are SO DELICIOUS. I took some home with me, as well as some pizza. I hung out at work after the big food thing even though my shift was over, just doing odds and ends and helping out whoever was working.

Today has been a great day – it’s nice and sunny outside, but not too hot. My grandparents sent me a “way to go!” card with $20 :money: in it, for getting to do the whole “lunch with the president” thing. I finished my XML final in class, it’s basically a page that reads RSS feeds. I helped other people get the dates on their projects to show up, so I felt like the smart kid in class. I got free pizza and cookies and hung out with nice people and got to take some food home. Not bad at all. :chubbysmile:

Gah, I still need to buy my train tickets to go home in a couple weeks… :blah: I still don’t know for sure if Daniel has the whole two weeks off or not, which is why I’ve been putting it off. Well, that and I didn’t have nearly enough money for it. I do now though.

I got a really weird urge last night to paint my nails pink, so I did, but I’ve hated it all day. I don’t know what I was thinking; I like blue and silver so much better. Ah well, I wore my new green shirt and white zip up thingy so I was happy about that.

I still have class tomorrow and then next week I have finals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And then I’m working the portfolio show set-up on Thursday, taking over someone’s Cage Annex shift in the evening, working the portfolio show take-down on Friday, and then working my normal Cage Annex shift. I shall be getting a fat paycheck the next pay period. :D

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