May 15, 2005 12:16 pm

Music = Life

:note: Type O Negative – “Christian Woman (New & Unimproved Version)” :ton:

Daniel has needed a new belt for a while, but has been making do with his old one which is basically ripping into about three pieces. So yesterday we went belt shopping. He found his belt, and I found a kickass (girls!) NIN shirt and a bunch of new underwear. I swear to god, I buy underwear like most women buy shoes. Or handbags. Or whatever it is that women buy a lot of. :blah: Anyway, I’m glad I got the shirt, I need shirts. T-shirts though, I have enough polo shirts to last me a lifetime. I also got two of those rubbery bracelets (like the yellow Lance Armstrong cancer ones) in black, that say “Music = Life” on them, because they were only a dollar and the dollar goes to a “support music and the arts in schools” program for kids. I felt obligated, being a band geek myself. :dork:

I must remember to be at the school at some ungodly hour tomorrow to register for next term. Again, I’m only taking four classes: History of Material Cultures III (the last one, thank god), Advanced Scripting Language Topics (PHP! :D), Internet Layout and Design, and Logic: Thought and Programming (learning Python :dis:). So, two programming/coding classes, a design class, and a general ed. course. I should be okay. I’m excited for this term, even though it is summer term, which is never really something to get excited over. Really, who wants to go to class in mid-July? But I get to learn PHP for real, which makes it almost worth it, I think.

Speaking of summer, I need to figure out what I’m doing for my summer break. I get out of school June 18th. My birthday is on the 21st. School starts again July 11th. I should go home at some point during that break, but I kind of want to stick around Portland for my birthday, and I don’t want to leave Daniel for too long either and I’m not sure if he can get any time off. Maybe I’ll just have to decide once it’s closer.

How hard is it to sell things on eBay? I have a ton of clothes that either don’t fit or I just don’t like them, and I’d like to get rid of some of them, but I want to get some money for it. I could try to sell them to Buffalo Exchange, but they’d only give me a fraction of what I paid for them and that’s just lame. And I could donate them to Goodwill or something, but I’m a greedy pig :pig: and I need money, not a tax break that I’ll probably forget to use. Maybe I will go to Buffalo Exchange; I don’t know how good I’d be at actually making it to the post office to mail things when I need to. Hmm. I shall have to think about that one.

I’m TRYING to get a new layout made, but for some reason nothing’s really happening. I’ve got these great ideas and then I can’t execute them at all. Ah well, in due time, I suppose. Just know that I am in fact, trying.

I’m going to try to go to a library today to do some research for my Type II project this week. And maybe I’ll work on the toast project some more as well. Due on Tuesday, you know.

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