May 15, 2005 10:41 pm


:note: Type O Negative – “We Were Electrocute” :ton:

I’ve been doing site stuff all day. :keyboard: I fixed the artwork page so it’s XHTML 1.0 compliant by adding alt tags to the images and by self-closing the image tags. I also went through and updated all the individual artwork pages the same way, and making sure all the text was enclosed in paragraph tags. :whew: It took forever, but it’s worth it. Those individual pages weren’t even skinned – I don’t know how I missed that for, oh I dunno, NINE MONTHS. :roll: Also, the type calendar page thumbnail and large image weren’t showing up; I still have no idea why, but I’ve fixed it. I just re-made both images and overwrote the old ones.

I made some minor changes to the contact page. I’ve changed my email address and added my MySpace profile if anyone’s interested. I think I’m going to try to start using my Gmail account (megganmay at gmail dot com) full-time, as it is the awesome. :hearts: I love Gmail. Speaking of Gmail, if anyone is in need of an invite, I have about 49 available. Just comment and let me know. I swear it’s great.

I’m also working on a new layout. It’s fun and colorful. I don’t know when it’ll be up (lots of CSS adjustments needed), but it’s coming. Consider yourselves warned.

Seriously, if you guys are running around my site and you notice something that looks totally out of whack (trust me, it’s very likely you’ll know it when you see it), let me know. Either post a “question” on my Q&A form or email me or use my email form or comment or something. Trust me, I want to know. Then I can fix it and we can all be happy. :grin:

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