May 12, 2005 10:03 pm

Id, Ego, and Superego

:note: Silverchair – “Tomorrow”

I received this reply from Cyberpixels early this morning:

Hello, Meggan.

First of all, allow me to apologize again for the slow service you’ve received. We’re not trying to ignore you, we’ve just had our hands very, very full. I can promise that you’ll never be made to wait so long again.

As far as your hosting plan goes, I’ll alter that just as soon as I send this message. In fact, because you’ve received such poor service, I’ll raise your storage to 500 MB. I know it doesn’t make up for all the time you’ve spent waiting on us, but you deserve some kind of compensation.

As for backups, I checked, and no, we don’t have one for you with the .frm files. I checked both of the backups, and they’re simply not there.

With the domain transfer, you just need to update your whois at eNom with your email address and re-submit the transfer. CyberPixels really has nothing to do with the process.

If I can help with anything else, please don’t hesitate to reply and let me know. I’ll see to it that you get top-notch service from now on, as will the rest of our customers.

So yay. My hosting package has, in fact, been upgraded (with the extra 100MB even) and they did do some butt-kissing. I’m still iffy about sticking with them though… I don’t know.

So. Toast. I’ll try to get that up tomorrow; I need to publish it in Flash so it’ll make an HTML page, and then I should probably try to make it supercool and have a neat little JavaScript pop-up window for it. It’s neat, I promise.

There’s a new block on my guestblock, it’s a stack of pancakes. I didn’t make it, but I thought they were totally awesome.

I figured out how to download ringtones onto my phone (for money of course :grumbly:) but now I have “The Safety Dance” as my ringtone. Yay! :D

I got a telephone call today that said I had won a home security system worth $25000 or something stupid like that, but then they said that to be eligible I had to be at least 18 and own my own home. And so I told them that I did not, in fact, own a home, and they said well, do you know anyone who does? And I had been woken up from a nap so I was like, um, no, I don’t. And they said that that was too bad and that they’d have to just draw another name. :wtf: I certainly didn’t sign up for something like that, and why couldn’t I have won a car or something useful?

I had my Psychology class today and I think I have a complex now. :loco: We got an in-class extra credit assignment where we had a piece of paper that said “The Spectator: the widest circulation newspaper” or something at the top, and we had to write a front page story for it. The story had to be about us, and it had to be for tomorrow’s date, fifteen years from now. May 13, 2015. So we had to think of some reason that we’d be on the front page of the newspaper in ten years.

I sat there thinking for a while. We only had about fifteen minutes to do the entire thing, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to put. I couldn’t think of anything noteworthy enough to warrant being on the front page. Afterward, the teacher was like, “so, what you wrote should say a lot about your personality. If your story was optimistic or pessimistic – I always have someone who ends up incarcerated – or if it was achievement based or something like winning the lottery. I also noticed that there were several of you who spent a few minutes thinking first.” And then she basically said something along the lines of, “do you really not know what you want to do in ten years?”

It really freaked me out. :ack:

It’s not that I don’t really know what I want to do. I do figure I’ll be successful, but it’s like, I don’t plan on being world-renowned. I don’t figure I’ll make it onto the front page for my efforts, and while that doesn’t bother me, I’m wondering if it should. Like, does this mean that I don’t have goals and I’m doomed to mediocrity?!? I dunno, it made me feel awful. Is that bad that I don’t anticipate being really noteworthy? And that I’m not upset about it? :worried:

I also learned about Freud’s theories of personality, and I determined that I don’t have much of an Id. I’m all about the Ego and the Superego. It’s basically the Hermione thing I’ve talked about before, the fact that I honestly can’t fathom why people don’t follow the rules.

On Callie’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese, Paul and his friend Justin were going to bypass the exit “checkpoint” (where they check your hand for a blacklight stamp to make sure you’re not a lost child) by jumping over the side of the little booth we were in. It was completely and utterly harmless. ABSOLUTELY HARMLESS, and yet I was silently freaking out. They weren’t supposed to DO that, and they did it anyway. And no one got hurt and the world went on. It didn’t affect me at all, yet I was having a problem with it because it wasn’t what was supposed to happen. WHY AM I SO ANAL-RETENTIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING? Why can’t I just let go and see that as having fun, instead of freaking out about it? I HAVE NO ID.

I took Psychology to learn about stuff, not to get a complex about how my mind works. :worried:

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