May 9, 2005 2:07 pm


:note: Weezer – “My Name Is Jonas”

I have apparently been tagged by The Boutros, whoever he is. I now have to name ten of my favorite things. Therefore, in no particular order:

:arrow: Daniel. Phenomenal boyfriend. Couldn’t love him more. :heartgrin:

:arrow: Music. I listen to an inordinate amount of music. CDs overtake my room. My computer is bogged down with MP3s. I love it. I mostly listen to metal, but lots of industrial (I :love: the new NIN) and alternative stuff as well.

:arrow: My computer / the Internet. You know, the whole web-designer thing would be sorta difficult without these. The Internet is to me like TV is to most people. I can’t name the most popular shows on TV, but man could I name you some awesome websites. Speaking of which, was featured on NPR recently.

:arrow: Books. I love Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket, and then things like “The Many Minds of Billy Milligan” and “Sybil” and books by John Saul. So kid’s books and books about or dealing with mental illness. I am lame and still haven’t read “The Da Vinci Code” and yes, I know I need to. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. My goal is to read it by the end of my summer break. So by July 11th.

:arrow: Type O Negative. :ton: My favorite band, why not include them? They have a great sense of humor and don’t take anything seriously. Hence why their current website looks the way it does. They’re supposedly in the midst of a server change.

:arrow: My family. Sure, they’re crazy most of the time, but I secretly sort of think I had cool parents. Augh. I said it. Must go fall down somewhere now.

:arrow: Daniel’s family. Everybody has fantastic senses of humor and they’re all musically inclined. You should hear them on birthdays – “Happy Birthday” has never sounded so good.

:arrow: Spongebob Squarepants and Invader Zim. The two TV shows I would willingly watch if I had TV. Oh how I love them.

:arrow: Movies. I find I like comedies best, but I’m finding I also like documentaries. Not lame-o PBS type ones, but ones like Riding Giants (about big-wave surfing) and Michael Moore movies and things of that nature. I also like really crap horror movies like “The Horrible Doctor Bones.” If you haven’t heard of it, you need to find it. Look on eBay and buy it, it’s probably about $5 and it’s hilarious. The “special effects” are awful and the story line is just… augh, you’ll have to see it.

:arrow: Portland. I mean, sure, the weather is bi-polar most of the time, but overall it’s pretty fun. And there’s stuff to do and places to go. I never do the stuff or go to the places, but I COULD if I wanted to and that’s the point.

Okay, there’s ten.
Speaking of the bi-polar weather, it’s pouring down rain :rain: right now. The sky is cloudy, but with really bright white-ish gray clouds. Bright to the point of almost being sunny. It’s been pretty nice recently. Actually, what am I talking about? I haven’t been outside all weekend. I, um, I had a no-homework weekend. Probably shouldn’t have, but hey, when I have I been known to do everything I should? Okay, nevermind.

I broke down and bought the exercise machine I wanted. I will totally use it. I should make an exercise journal. On second thought, I doubt anybody would read it except me, and do I really want The Internet to know how long I worked out on some random Tuesday? I think not. No exercise journal.

Can you believe I passed up a chance to see King Diamond and Nile in concert? I’ve already seen Nile, and for some reason, I don’t think I hold King Diamond in as high regard as I probably should. I can think of several bands/people I’d be much more excited to see. Anyway, Daniel wasn’t as dumb as me and actually went. I think he liked it. He hasn’t said much about it, except that King Diamond was sacrificing babies or something. Something weird.

Now I’m going to go, and actually do the homework I meant to do all weekend. :blah:

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