May 7, 2005 2:53 pm

Having A Domestic Day

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “All The Love In The World”

I decided I’m going to be domestic today. :inn: I will wash dishes and do laundry. I’m getting a slow start on the day, I know, but I’m going to be domestic.

I had an epic dream last night in which I was being chased and trying to evade people. The entire dream was like that. At one point, I was sledding down the road on which my grandparents live, and I kept going over jumps and things. I eventually ended up in a field of sorts that had some ramshackle, broken down shed things on it. I hid by one, facedown on the ground, hoping the people wouldn’t find me. I heard one of them walk by and say that the one I wanted to get was “the dark orange one” and I didn’t know what they were talking about but I knew it’d come in handy later.

The scene changed to a ski hill, complete with a ski lift. I rode it up (still evading people, being sneaky and hiding and such) and when I got to the top, the lift handlers were handing out weird ticket-y ribbon things, and there were many different colors. I ran after one of the lifties and asked for a dark orange one, but before he could do anything I just grabbed one from the roll. Everything seemed to stop, and I think it meant that I was victorious over my pursuers. Talk about a weird dream. :wtf: There was more, but I don’t remember it well enough to explain it. Just know that it went on for hours and there were a lot of people in it that I know in real life.

The new NIN cd is really freakin’ cool. :rocker:

I found an awesome site yesterday, it’s
It’s a place where you can make postcards with a secret of yours on them, and mail them to this person, who will then post some of them. I love the fact that you have to make the postcard yourself and I love what most of the people came up with. Great graphic design inspiration. And some of the secrets are so personal and sad. Others are just funny.

Check this out: But first…
I haven’t commented yet and I don’t think I will, but it is interesting to read.

Okay, it’s almost 3pm, time to get a start on the day. Woo!

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