May 6, 2005 11:07 pm

Lots of Lists

:note: Type O Negative – “Christian Woman (Butt-kissing, $ell-out version)”

A list of things I was happy about today:
1. I made a baby smile.
2. Work was slow and therefore very, very easy.
3. I now own two Type O Negative CD singles. :ton:
4. I worked on homework.
5. I talked to my mom.

Things I desperately want but cannot afford:
1. a 40GB iPod :ipod:
2. Lateral Thigh Trainer machine
3. my own house
4. a Nikon D-70

Things that didn’t make me so happy today:
1. my new “short” Old Navy pants are still too long
2. work was slow and therefore mind-numbingly boring.
3. I have a lot more homework to do still.

Things I still don’t know how to do:
1. properly keep in touch with friends
2. break the rules / be adventurous
3. not procrastinate
4. tell a good story (mine are anti-climactic)

Things I can do well:
1. spell
2. code CSS
3. be buxom
4. have good handwriting
5. use Kirby on Super Smash Brothers :kirby:

Things I wish were better about my “apartment:”
1. needs to be bigger
2. need own bathroom and kitchen
3. electricity shouldn’t go out as much
4. ceiling shouldn’t be falling in
5. shower curtain shouldn’t be covered in flaky, pink mold

Things I still need to do:
1. remember to mail this postcard-y thing
2. finish type II homework
3. do some more work on my Flash stuff
4. do my XML homework
5. update my site at some point…

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