May 3, 2005 9:53 am

Typography II

I ended up turning the project in, and it’s a good thing I did too. I would have had to do the entire project using a different painting as a background, AND do the second half of the assignment, which is to make it look like a book cover. Aaah! Way too much work for one week. We had to use an abstract painting as a guide and then re-create it using only type characters.

Also, I did spend an awful lot of time on it, and I really felt awful for thinking about not turning it in. I thought I had the dimensions wrong but it turns out that it was okay. I mean, they were still technically not what he asked for, but it was okay (on this particular project) to size things differently depending on the original painting you used. So all is well. I still like the first one I started way better, but I guess I can just finish that at some other time (ha, like that’ll happen) and maybe use it as a portfolio piece or something. It was really cool.

I’m currently on break in my Type II class, and I have Multimedia & Animation this afternoon. I didn’t even bother doing the homework for MM&A because of this type thing. It’s okay, because our assignment isn’t technically due until next week, but I’m sure he’s expecting us to have something other than just the components of the movie. :roll: Oh well. It’s week 5, I’m already slipping. Not badly, but I am.

Anyway, class is starting again. My project is being used as an example. Yay!

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