May 3, 2005 12:20 am

No Tip Of The Week

:note: Rolling Stones – “Anybody Seen My Baby?”

No tip of the week this week (or at least not for a few days) because: 1. I can’t think of one right now, 2. I’m already late for this week’s, and 3. I have other things to talk about.

:rage: The database server was down again today. I hate that. The parts of my site I go to the most (and I think other people go to the most) – the journal and the guestblock – are run by databases so if the server is down, the important parts of my site are just gone, with stupid “DB connection error” messages. AUGH.

I feel like I’ve wasted an ENTIRE day. I got up at about 8:15am (on my day off, no less) to work on my Type II project and I think I’ve decided not to turn it in. I can turn in projects up to one week late, for one grade less than I’d normally get. This is beneficial if, for instance, you do an okay (not great) job on a project (and happen to mess up the dimensions as well :sarc:) and expect to get a C in the first place. If you just don’t turn it in and then fix it up or do it over, you can potentially get a B if it’s A quality work. Kind of a funky process, but I really don’t feel confidant about turning this in. It’s just… it’s just not up to par. I know I could do better. So yeah, I spent 12-ish, maybe 11 hours on it today, and I don’t think I’m going to do anything with it. How aggrivating.

My Psychology book finally came in the mail (packaged very poorly, the top of the mailing envelope came open in transit and the other end was ripped and it was dirty all over) so that’s AWESOME because now I’m not at the mercy of the library for when I can do my reading.

I finally got pants in the mail! And they fit and I like them! Yay! My mom warned me that they had kind of a dirty tint to them, but they’re really not as bad as they could be. So I have jeans now. That’s the one super thing that happened today.

I’ve been listening to the Rolling Stones all day today. I decided I love them muchly. Oh, and on Saturday, did I mention that I kept winning at Super Smash Brothers using Kirby? :kirby: I even beat Paul, and he was using Link. Paul is a master at that game, especially with Link, and I still managed to beat him more than once. *hugs Kirby* :kirb:

Anyway, overall, I feel exhausted and frustrated. I think I have a tension headache or something; maybe I should go to bed. I’ll somehow manage to figure out how to survive tomorrow with no project… Ahhh… Lame.

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