May 2, 2005 2:21 pm

Very Stolen Questions With Very Boring Answers

:note: Tiamat – “Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones Cover)”

Very Stolen Questions (I took mine from JessicaRabbit) With Very Boring Answers :

1. Best place you ever had sex:
Various bathroom counters, not saying where.

2. Member of the same sex you would so do if given the chance:
If you know me, you know who you are. Otherwise, probably Katie Holmes or Jessica Alba.

3. Ever cheated with a friend’s spouse or significant other?

4. Ever had sex at work?
No again; I’ve even worked at a hotel, how lame is that?

5. Part of the body that turns you on the most?
Tummies, definitely.

6. Favorite alcoholic drink?
I don’t drink.

7. Favorite non alcoholic drink?
Jones Soda, preferably the Cream Soda or Strawberry-Lime flavors. Or Mountain Dew.

8. Book you are currently reading?
“Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” by Douglas Adams

9. Favorite restaurant:
The Ram’s Head, in Portland.

10. Sport that you watch and totally get into:
Gymnastics, hands down. I love it.

11. Scariest thing you ever did?
Got in a rollover car accident with my best friend and could have killed us both. Oh, you mean on purpose?

12. Ever cheated?
Once, when I was about 14, and I still hate myself for it.

13. Ever regretted a break up?
No, because they were all for the best. And really, if I were still with one of those guys, I wouldn’t be with Daniel and that’d be awful.

14. Ever met someone off the net?
No but I’ve thought about it.

15. Member of your family you’re convinced is adopted?
Usually me.

16. Age when you had your first adult kiss?
I was 13, and it was the first and last time I ever played spin-the-bottle.

17. Blogs you read daily?
Dooce, JessicaRabbit’s, Jennifer’s from, Tertia’s, Julie’s, and usually Zombie Flyboy’s.

18. Last lie told?
Um… I honestly can’t think of one…

19. Food you can not live without?
Macaroni and cheese, or maybe sugar.

20. Would you stay with a spouse or significant other if they cheated?
Depends on the situation and the severity of the cheating, but if it was bad, I doubt it.

21. Have you done so already?

22.Ever dated outside your race?

23. Place you must visit before you die:
A foriegn country! Somewhere other than Canada, preferably England or Germany.

24. Ever messed around with a person you knew was married?
No, I’d hate to be the “other woman.”

So, yeah. I should get out more. :dork:

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