April 30, 2005 8:52 pm

This Laptop Is Weird.

:note: Godspeed You Black Emperor! – “The Dead Flag Blues”

Happy birthday Callie! 20-girl! Yeah! Awesome! We went to Chuck E. Cheese today and had lots of fun. I have a bunch of pictures to post but I’m using Callie’s roommate’s laptop to update (man is it hard to type on this thing!) and I don’t have my USB cable to hook up my camera. Bah. Something for later.

I’ll probably update again once I get home. Sorry for the downtime all last night and this morning, my host is a piece of crap, what can I say? I looked into a new hosting plan already (it’s the one my friend Keith uses and he’s never had problems, and they say 70% of their customers are referred by current customers which is great) and I’m thinking about transferring my domain name as well. I’m just so frustrated that they don’t ever let me know when things are going to be down and the fact that they’re down that much to begin with. Ugh. That’s been two significant downtimes within the last month, plus one database server downtime. That’s AWFUL.

Stuart, if you’re reading this (or anyone else that knows the answer to this question), how do you consolidate all of your databases into one? One or two? Without overwriting stuff? I’ll have to do that once I move (it’ll only let me have two db’s at most, I think, whereas now I have ‘unlimited’) and I’m not sure how to do it so that things don’t overwrite each other or get in each others way. The way I do it now is that if I install another “program” thingy that I need a database for, I just make a new one. Very easy.

That’s all for now. Daniel made us burritos and I’m going to go eat some. :yum:

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