April 27, 2005 11:02 pm

The Sound Of Rain

:note: um, the sound of rain.

I like rain. :rain: I like the noises it makes when it hits things. Rain is weird here in Portland because while it rains a lot, it really doesn’t rain that much, if you get what I’m saying. Like, it probably rains a couple days out of every week, but the rain is more of a light misting than a good raining or a downpour. A sprinkling, if you will.

JessicaRabbit, I’m sorry to say that the package did not show up today. :dis: I’m still holding out for tomorrow though. I have faith in the post office. I’ll zoom home after class to see if it’s there. I’m very excited.

My mom sent me the most awesome email ever. It’s mildly personal, but hey, this is a personal site. Behold:

I’ve been meaning to express this to you but haven’t formulated the sentences until now…
If you do not feel safe in your home now it is of the most importance that you do find a place where you feel safe. Whatever you choose as your safe situation is up to you. Your life is your journey. Far be it for me to say you must live it one way or the other when I am no where near there. I understand your situation of wanting to wait until you are older and more substantial to get married even though you have found the man of your dreams. Just do your life as you see fit. Whatever trail that takes you down. (I will get pushy if children enter the picture, It is too stupid to not tie the knot at that point, it changes everything)

Yes, I take a stand on situations, such as living together because I feel it cheapens marriage…. people say it is only paper when it is so much more…. I am a parent and a conservative one at that and if I didn’t take a stand on issues you would have no idea what I thought.

So, knowing how your parents think, and looking back at history of your grandmas and grandpas and then looking into the future at how you want to talk about your choices and life, make your own decision. Some times a little spice never hurt history… a little veer off the beaten trail…. a chance on the wild side…
Just pick the safest choice…and get with it! Love, mom

*does a dance*

My mom never writes this sort of stuff to me. I’m really stoked that she did though, it makes me feel a lot better about everything. Like, if I really really wanted to, I think I could move out and they wouldn’t, you know, disown me or something. Yay! Very excited. I have OPTIONS!

More great news: my friend Lindsay found me on MySpace! That is so awesome in so many ways. I haven’t talked to her in forever and I missed her tons and so it’s SO GREAT that she found me. Hurray!

I found out today that my mom worked in a psych ward for about six weeks when she was going to college for her nursing degree. I had no idea she did that.

Also, my cat has disappeared. He was really old, and he had been kind of sick a couple of weeks ago (bladder infection maybe? he did get medicine for it though) and my mom thinks he just sort of wandered off to die by himself. I’m sad, but I knew it was coming… it’s not like he got hit by a car or anything. She sent me pictures of him, but they’re in my email and I don’t want to bother going through all the rigamarole to post them, so just imagine a chubby, stripey gray-ish cat with a pink nose and white paws. Mom said her worst fear is that he’s actually in the house somewhere (like hiding in the basement or something) but it is pretty likely that he just went outside and wandered off. He’s just like that. So Pud, wherever you are, you were a good cat and I’ll miss you. I’m sorry for putting baby girl clothes on you sometimes. I know how much you hated that bonnet.

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