April 26, 2005 9:35 pm

Jeans Dilemma

:note: Scissor Sisters – “It Can’t Come Quickly Enough”

I have eaten very healthy things today. I had a banana for breakfast; a salad, some chocolate soy milk, and a cookie for lunch; a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a very very mini pizza (like, 3 for .89c kind of mini) for a snack; and right now I’m chowing down on organic baby carrots. I love carrots. :yum:

I hope my mom sends me pants soon. I go through pants really fast – mine wear out after about three months or so. I’ve had these since Christmas break and they have holes in them already. The only pants that really fit me are Arizona Flare Jeans from J.C. Penney, and they wear out so damned fast. It’s awful. Maybe it’s because I usually only have one pair at a time and I wear them, like, constantly? Probably it.

What sort of jeans work for you people in the computer? I’m really picky with jeans I think, because pre-made holes are just stupid, “coffee wash” looks awful, sandblasting in the wrong spots (who the hell wears out the outer edge of their thighs?) is a no-no, they have to come in “short,” and I don’t like boot-cut, it has to be flare. Looking at that, it’s probably no wonder I can’t ever find jeans I like.

:arrow: L.E.I. tend to not work well for me because the legs are pretty narrow and they’re always about six inches too long. I’ve never had much luck with Mudd jeans either, for the same reason.
:arrow: I have a pair of brown corduroys from Hot Kiss that appear to fit okay, but are about six inches too long. I’ve never tried their jeans.
:arrow: I’d love to be able to wear American Eagle jeans (super super comfy denim, very soft) but their sizes run really small (maybe I run big?) and they tend to slide off my butt if I bend over. My butt just doesn’t work with them. Sadly. Daniel has some guy’s pants of theirs and they look awesome on him. I’m very jealous.
:arrow: I used to have a pair of Bongo jeans when I was in 9th grade, and those seemed to fit okay; I have a pair of their shorts right now and I think they’re the only pair of shorts I own that fit me with the exception of my Old Navy khakis.
Speaking of Old Navy, their pants are super comfy too. Problem is, I can never find the right cut – they used to have a low-rise flare, and I can’t seem to find it whenever I go there. Everything is boot-cut. I have to have flares to balance out my butt. Or if it’s flares, then the waist is really high and uncomfortable.
:arrow: My friend Yaicha used to swear by Lucky jeans. I tried some on recently and I think they may have worked if they were the right size and length. I just looked at Lucky’s website, and it would appear they have some decent jeans. However, those jeans hover at around $90-100. :woggly: There’s no way I’ll spend that much money on a fucking pair of pants. My Arizona ones are $20. Sadly though, the Lucky jeans really seem like they might work.
:arrow: I’ve thought about J. Crew as well, since you can get those in “short.” Never tried them though.

Am I totally shit out of luck or what? (I’m also sorry if I’ve posted something like this before, it’s seeming familiar. Maybe I just thought about it.) Anyway, my pants have holes and I tried to call my mom to see if she got me any pants (I can’t ever find them here, or online) but somebody was on the internet. Lame.

Well, I’m off to do my XML homework, I have to write some sample XSL-FO code or something and I don’t really know how. It’s for a presentation. Any help with the jeans would be appreciated.

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