April 26, 2005 12:13 am

Homework Galore

:note: Fear Factory – “Cars”

Man, I was having so much fun with the last post that I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t updated today. :roll: How lame am I? And now it’s after midnight, so it’s really tomorrow. Augh.

I’ve been working on homework basically all day. I had to do a magazine cover for Plazm magazine, which had to be printed today so I’d have it for my class tomorrow at 8am. I also had to go to the school to finish up my Firefox ad because it’s due tomorrow as well. I traced the three images, which brought the file size down from 20k to about 9k. :) The gif file is still disgustingly huge, but I don’t want to even deal with it. I’d have to change my whole ad concept and I don’t even want to try. Amazingly, the traced ones actually look better than just the regular images – they’re cleaner and just generally more spiffy looking. Yay, I can draw in Flash! :star:

Not much else to report; Callie’s 20th birthday is on Saturday and we’re going to go to Chuck E. Cheese and play games and such. :dork: It should be very fun. I’ll be sure to have my camera along, as per usual.

GOD! I am so crap with my “tip of the week!” I don’t remember unless I read JessicaRabbit’s, and now I’m like, three days past when I was supposed to do it. Augh. I’ll shoot for tomorrow. I promise. And I’ll try not to have anymore emotionally scarring dreams. I’m really sorry about that last one. My dream last night involved a big parade, complete with some ponies and rainbows and a humongous snowmobile that didn’t need to be on snow to work. Someone was driving it down a paved street. I saw some friends I knew and waved at them and said hi. And then I think I smacked someone’s ass. I should start a category called “weird-ass dreams” and whenever I have one I’ll post it in that category. What is wrong with me?

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