April 20, 2005 9:13 am

The Amazon Quandry

:note: nothing… :(

The Amazon discrepancy has been fixed. They emailed me and acknowledged that sellers are not obligated to give full refunds, but that’s if the buyer decides that they don’t want the item – since it was the seller that cancelled the order, they said they’d give me the $3.49 refund. :chubbysmile: Yay!

The web raising is this Saturday! :shock: Actually, I’m not really panicking because we had a meeting with them on Monday to resolve some unknowns, and we basically got them to decide on a design we can all live with. Which is good. :) It’s a design I’m comfortable with, and we’ll only need ONE good photograph for it. This is an issue because almost all of their photos are total crap – they’re candid shots, but not the good kind – they’re the kind that show that the photographer has only used disposable point-and-shoot cameras, indoors, with the flash. :woggly: We don’t have much to choose from, so this “one image header” thing lets us get away with only having to find one good photo.

I had to change the toner in the photocopier today! :dork: I did well. The only thing I did “wrong” was that I didn’t shake the cartridge-y thingy quite how you’re supposed to – that was it. I did everything else okay. And managed to do a photocopying job AND make a few labels for various items in the “office.” Doin’ good!

You’ll notice I fixed the menu on the journal. :highfive: I’m super excited. I ended up having to absolute position it from the top, and then just give it the proper left margin. I still can’t figure out why it wasn’t working before… And I hate resorting to absolute positioning – I feel like I’m cheating or something because I can’t get the float property to work. Oh well, the good thing is that it’s still fluid. It’ll still move with the container if you resize your browser window. The reason I don’t like resorting to absolute positioning is because sometimes it makes it so it isn’t fluid and won’t adjust to the browser window and I don’t like that.

A while ago I requested a Kirby smiley from the guy from mazeguy.net smilies. He emailed me three different ones, so I added the two I liked best to my smilies:
:kirby: and :kirb:
He apparently drew the second one and then found the first one somewhere. I like them both for different reasons. I can’t really think of too many instances where I could use them, but they’re very cute.

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