April 19, 2005 8:32 pm

Customer Service?

:note: Fear Factory – “Human Shield”

I recently attempted to buy my book for my Psychology class off of Amazon.com. I used what they call the Amazon Marketplace, which is just a place for individuals to sell books and things, kind of like a yard sale of sorts. Well, I bought a book for $6.50 (a HUGE savings, considering the book is near $70 new) and it cost $3.49 to ship it.

A day or so after the purchase, I received a refund from Amazon.com with a note from the seller that read:

I’m sorry, I just recently sold it to someone on campus and didn’t have time to take it off the listing. Sorry bout that and happy huntings for your book!

A fat lot of good that does me.

As it turns out, the refund from that email was only $6.50, meaning that they (Amazon? The seller?) still charged me the $3.49 to ship the book even though the seller canceled the order.

I sent an email to Amazon to let them know what happened (surely I can get the $3.49 back, why should I have to pay to ship something when someone else already owns it?!?) so hopefully this should be resolved soon.

In other news, it has been two weeks and one day since I sent Cyberpixels that database email, and they have yet to contact me. :grumbly: Just DO IT, for chrissake! I don’t even care if they don’t have the backups at this point, I just want them to email me back. That’s all I want. Really. Accountability is apparently too much to ask.

At this point, I invite you all to tell your horror tales of customer service.

In other news, I made a pretty cool lil’ Flash advertisement for Firefox… I’m not going to do anything fancy like make a cute little pop-up window for it, so you’ll just have to follow a plain old link. See my Firefox ad. It’s not completely finished, but this is a very good representation of what it will look like when it’s done. All I’m going to work on from here on out (before next Tuesday afternoon) is changing the three images (the rolling FF logo, the IE logo, and the fox at the end) from actual rasterized “pictures” into vector “drawings,” if that makes any sense. If not, just know that it will help with file size. That’s all. It should still look relatively the same, pending my skills in drawing in Flash. :inn:

Maybe I will work on my site some tonight… Update some pages and fix some things. I really am sorry for how the journal displays. It’s crap. I know. I don’t know what to do about it. Should I bring back the default one? The silly blue and gray one? I dunno, I’ll mess with it I guess. [edit: 10-ish pm] Fixed it! :chubbysmile: [/edit]

Again, remember to check out my Firefox ad and tell me your bad customer service stories.

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