April 11, 2005 11:52 pm

Web Raising and Blocks

:note: KMFDM – “Light”

Daniel got home today! :heartgrin: I met him at the train station and then went over to the post office to mail some papers to my mom, and then we came home. After a bit, I grabbed my paycheck from the school and we went to Fred Meyer and the bank. :whew: Lots of running around. I even did my homework. He has to be at work at 6:30am tomorrow for some unknown reason, and I have class at 8am, so I should go to bed soon. I’m so very glad to have him home again! :D

I went to a meeting at school on Thursday about this thing called a “Web Raising.” It’s basically like the concept of an Amish barn raising (where a bunch of people get together and build a barn in one day) except a bunch of us get into groups and build an entire website for a non-profit group in one day. It’s a lot of work, but supposedly it’s a lot of fun too, and they feed us and stuff I think, and we can say we participated and it makes us look good. I’m in a group that’s making a new site for a group called OCHA, who desperately needs a new site. I wanted to do the coding, but Tom stuck me with being the Design Leader for our team. :grumbly: I mean, I’m competent I suppose, but man, I really didn’t want to deal with the graphics at all, and now I have to babysit them. The actual web raising isn’t until the 23rd, so I have a while to panic yet.

Does anyone have any good ideas / requests for blocks for my guestblock? I just recently made a Kirby and a pineapple… Simple stuff is good (I’m not very good at pixely things) but I managed to make Kirby come out okay, so you be the judge. The things must be a cube (rubick’s cube), or cube-ish (square watermelon), or be able to be translated easily into a cube (pineapple). I can animate things, but not terribly well. Katy requested a jack-in-the-box block on the forums, but I really doubt I’d be able to do that sort of complex animation. I can’t promise anything, but if there’s something you’ve been wanting, speak up now.

:haha: It seems no one is interested in my tip of the week. I figured as much though… I’ll do them anyway and maybe I’ll end up saying something useful to somebody.

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