April 10, 2005 10:02 am


:note: Nine Inch Nails – “The Day The World Went Away”

I’m going to try to mess with the template today, so if things start going awry, that’s why. Just a warning.

[edit: 11:33am]
Another one of my MySql databases is missing the .frm file – the “currently” section I used to have. I deleted the database, and then made another one with the same name and attempted to re-create the tables in the database. It told me “Errno 13 – Cannot write to .frm file” or something of that nature.

Speaking of this missing .frm file business, I emailed Cyberpixels on the 4th asking if they had backups of my database(s), and it’s now the 10th and I still haven’t heard back from them. :mad: If they don’t have them, they should just TELL ME SO. Don’t make me sit around and wait for you to decide you can afford the bad PR it would cause to tell me “No, we don’t have backups, we are dumb.”

[edit: 1:12pm]
As you can see, I’ve started integrating the journal into my layout. You’ll note that everything looks like crap. :lookup: I’m sorry. It’s readable, at least. I don’t know why the menu insists on being pushed to the bottom of the page.

I will continue editing it when I have time; I have to go take a shower. I’m going with Callie and Paul to Centralia WA today to have dinner with Paul’s parents. I’m really sorry I can’t keep tweaking it right now, but trust me, it looks a lot better right now than it did when I first started customizing it. If anything doesn’t work (if it just looks funny, that’s okay, but if it really honestly isn’t functioning) just comment and let me know. Or let me know if you think of things that might look better.

My first goal is to get the menu fixed.

My next goal is to make the comments part prettier, like it was when it was the “default” layout. I liked the alternating colors and borders around the text and stuff. So I’ll be working on that next. You’ll notice I changed the links site-wide; they now have a green border. If this totally irritates you and you wish I would change it back, comment and let me know. I don’t know how crazy I am about it right now. I like it better than the dashed border, and I think I need some color in this site, but I still don’t know what I think. Maybe blue? I dunno.

I’ll be back later.

[edit: 3:20pm]
Somewhere, something went wrong during Paul’s communicating with his parents, and they expected him to be up in Centralia a long time ago. I guess they were envisioning lunch, and Paul was thinking dinner, and now we’re not going because the restaurant closes at 6pm and we wouldn’t have time to make it up there and then eat.

I guess this means I will now have time to mess around with this customization stuff more, and do my homework. I tried to get ahold of Daniel but nobody picked up. :( I told him I’d call him today before we left, but he’s not home. And now since we’re not leaving I’ll have more time to talk. Lame.

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