April 8, 2005 5:05 pm

Hard At Work

:note: um, I can hear myself typing…

At the start of this post, I’m an hour and 20 minutes into my 4 hour shift. I am very hungry. Matthew (my boss, the guy who’s supposed to be training me) isn’t here for some unknown reason, so um, I’m all alone. I had to answer the phone once already, but fortunately it was another one of those, “Is so-and-so around there anywhere?” and they never are, so I just had to say nope, not at the moment. I didn’t even have any idea who the person was asking for anyway. But since I’m all alone, I know that they’re not here.

I can apparently call the Print Service Center phone anytime and they’ll help me out if I need them. They’re not allowed to tell me “no” I guess. That’s what Matthew says. So that’s comforting because I still don’t know what I’m doing. He never did show me how to use the photocopier, so if I get a copy job, I’m going to have to call. However, I think they leave at 6pm, and that scares me. What if I have a problem between 6pm and 8pm?

So far I’ve had to: give someone their new password for their school account; have someone fill out a copy request form that they didn’t fill out earlier; direct someone to the lost and found; direct someone to the education office; and call the PSC about a printing size discrepancy. And I’ve only been here a little over an hour.

The worst part about just hanging out on the Internet is that they don’t have Firefox! :shock: The HORROR! I hate using Internet Explorer… especially for things like searching for cheap textbooks. I have to have a billion windows open because I’m looking at a bunch of different companies and comparing prices and trying to find the cheapest one. It gets SO CONFUSING when you have that many things going on and they’re not all contained into one window with many tabs but rather in their own separate windows. ACK. So far, Amazon.com has the cheapest ($6 for a $70 book :excite:) but it took me ages to try to figure out what version I wanted and who it was by. It’s for my General Psychology class and the teacher failed to put the author or the version down because she said, “There were a lot of them.” Meaning, there are many versions and many authors, and rather than finding out the right one for us to get, she’s letting us fend for ourselves and possibly end up with one other than what she wants. I’m willing to bet that at least one person ends up buying the wrong one.

I’m supposed to go hang out with Callie tonight, but I asked if I should just walk over there after my shift ends or if I should call, and she said I should call first… so I’m wondering where she’s going to be. Hmm. I hope I don’t have to walk all the way home and then all the way back down to her place, that would be lame. :dis:

My friend Basil has an awesome picture of himself and that Max guy (I have to keep referring to him as “that Max guy” because I have a friend named Max already, so he’s “Max” and the new Max is “that Max guy”). It’s on Basil’s MySpace profile and I think it’s an awesome picture of both of them.

basil and max

I’ve known Basil since probably my sophomore year of high school. He was friends with Tanner and had a crush on my friend Abby for a while. I seem to remember him asking for our school pictures and then later we found out that he had them on his computer monitor “for good luck.” :lol: Basil’s funny like that. You’ll remember that I met Max for the first time over Christmas break, and then I’ve seen him at school a couple of times.

This is such a long, boring post because I have another two hours here and really nothing to do. Which is TOTALLY okay by me, since I don’t really know what I’m doing anyway. I am more than happy to have virtually nothing to do.

I can hear the scary, scary voice of the lady I had for Image Manipulation, the one that looks like Conan O’Brien. She hated me, and I still don’t know why. She’s the one that gave me an 80% on my Nosferatu project because of the invisible-on-screen edges of the photos on the back. Bah. She should close her door.

I wonder if I’m allowed to bring CDs to play here…?

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